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7 min read

Waku is an open communication protocol and network. Decentralized apps and infrastructure can use Waku for their communication needs. It is designed to enable dApps and decentralized infrastructure projects to have secure, private, scalable communication. Waku is available in several languages and platforms, from Web to mobile to desktop to cloud. Initially, We pushed Waku adoption to the Web ecosystem, we learned that Waku is usable in a variety of complex applications and infrastructure projects. We have prioritized our effort to make Waku usable on various platforms and environments.

19 min read

What is privacy-protecting infrastructure? Why do we need it and how we can build it? We'll look at Waku, the communication layer for Web3. We'll see how it uses ZKPs to incentivize and protect the Waku network. We'll also look at Zerokit, a library that makes it easier to use ZKPs in different environments. After reading this, I hope you'll better understand the importance of privacy-protecting infrastructure and how we can build it.